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PEI Food Share was founded in October 2015 as a way for people to share food items they could not use with people who could use them, in an effort to reduce food waste.

The group rapidly grew in number, with significant use by individuals in need of food support due to their financial circumstances. We then began to focus exclusively on people in need as our target audience. Given the demand, a network of volunteers soon began to spring up around the province to help reach more people in need.

We now have approximately 2,500 members and 35 PEI Food Share representatives across the province, with hundreds of people being helped to date.

PEI Food Representatives are volunteers who collect private food donations and distribute these to those in need in their communities.  Our representatives have backgrounds as diverse as the people we support. We operate on a confidential, empathetic basis to ensure that everyone we help is treated with dignity and anonymity.

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