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Welcome to PEI Food Share

Make a food donation

(private or retailer)

If you are in need of food support, please click here to send us a private message. We will be in touch as soon as possible.

PEI Food Share is a volunteer group dedicated to distributing private food donations to people in need across Prince Edward Island.

Many of the people we help are not able to access food banks or other food resources due to age, disability, illness, distance, or lack of transport. Local PEI Food Share representatives act as a vital link between people in need and private donors in the community. Several retailers have also come on board to pass on unsold food products to help people in need rather than see the food go to waste.

We work on a donation basis, which means we can only distribute what we have available at that time from private or retailer donations. If you would like to make a food donation, click on the icon below to contact your local PEI Food Share representative. They will be very happy to arrange collection or drop-off.  All items must be in good condition and either packaged/tinned or re-heatable. We also gladly accept pet food.

If you're in urgent need of food, please contact your local representative by clicking on the image below (if your area is not served, please get in touch with your closest rep and we will make alternative arrangements). You must be resident on Prince Edward Island.